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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lorac Pro Palette Review!

If you saw my Christmas Tag video you'd know that at the top of my Christmas list this year (or should I say last year?...hmm idk) was the Lorac Pro Palette. So yes you could imagine Christmas day was full of gasps and little yelps when I opened my last present to find I was the new, proud owner of one.  
But does it actually live up to expectation and  is it really worth the money? That's what I'm here to tell you!

So lets start with the obvious first question: what drew me into wanting this palette so much? 
If you've been hiding under a rock for the past few months (or just haven't been watching YouTube videos), lots of YouTuber's have been going crazy for this palette due to its mix of matte and shimmery shades. Now, I don't usually purchase products which are known for having a YouTube hype surrounding them because 1) They're usually ridiculously expensive, and 2) We all know the truth, the majority of YouTubers will review anything for a few $$$ (and no this blog post is not sponsored before someone accuses me of being on my high horse and being contradictory). However, I don't know why but I find it an absolute NIGHTMARE trying to find matte eyeshadows which are highly pigmented and last all day and this eyeshadow palette offers all of those things.
I really believe this palette is worth the money because it offers 8 matte neutral shades which can be worn naturally during the day and 8 shimmery versions of each matte colour which can be used at night. A little really does go a long way with this palette too! The fact it includes a primer means the eyeshadow literally lasts all day without having to be reapplied. Even without the use of a primer I can say from experience this eyeshadow remains noticeable for around 4/5 hours. The fact each shade is so pigmented also means that only a little bit of product needs to be applied to the eyelids for full coverage.

Overall I think this palette is a great investment if you're looking for a new eyeshadow palette. With natural shades which only need a little bit of product to cover the full lid, it means this palette should last for a good 1/1 and a half years (maybe more, who knows?).

What's your favourite eyeshadow palette?
xox Cloe


  1. I couldn't agree with you more, I recently bought myself the lorac palette and it's so worth the hype. I love how pigmented all of the matte shades are.

    1. Im in love with it! The wide range of shades means I won't have to purchase new individual eyeshadows in a long while!


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