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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Blogger Of The Month (Feb 2016): Sophie Rosie

If you haven't forgotten, (if you have, you can refresh your memories here), I promised that I was starting a new series starting this month: Blogger of The Month. I am fairly new to the whole blogging scene, yet I read so many amazing blog posts each day which inspire and motivate me to keep on going with my blog! I also receive amazing comments from some of you lot who take time out of your day to read my posts! Thank you so much guys, without sounding like a cheesy twat, it really does mean a lot to me:) So I thought I'd give back to the blogger community and show you which bloggers have really stood out to me each month so you can go and check them out too!

Ok so with all that rambling said and done, lets get on to this months blogger of the month:


The first blog post I read of Sophie's was her "Screw it and do it" blog post published on New Years Eve. I guess you could say I did exactly that with this blog as I was so worried what people I know would say about it if and when they found out. But fuck it, I'm doing things for me now! I enjoy it, who cares? When I read this blog post it really put me in a great mindset to start 2016 right and make this a year where I really develop as a person. And so far, I can say I'm doing pretty great!

I never fail to read Sophie's series "Things I'm Grateful For". Just the little things she mentions really makes me take a step back and think about the great little things which I normally wouldn't take into account for being so precious in my day to day life. She puts into perspective how privilaged our lives are through this series and it really shows her as a down to earth person.

CAN I JUST MENTION AT THE AGE OF 19 SHE MOVED OUT INTO HER OWN FLAT IN LIVERPOOL ALL BY HERSELF? If that's not something to aspire to then I don't know what is. I'd love to be able to be financially stable enough when I'm 19 to have my own flat, (however I doubt it since I will be in university in the centre of Manchester drowning in 27k of debt, but hey I hope that's somehow a good investment into my future...). She has made her passion for blogging something which can support her, and I think that's absolutely amazing!

Have you ever read Sophie's blog?
Cloe xox

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