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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Blogger of the Month (April 2016) : Couture-Girl

Safe to say when I find a blogger with a good sense of style, I'm instantly hooked. Safe to say when I found Kayleigh's blog and read her outfit of the day post featuring mesh and distressed denim, I became obsessed and I instantly noted that she was going to be this months featured blogger of the month. 

Kayleigh's a 25 year old journalism graduate from Manchester (my new home in 5 fucking months, aah!) and her specialism in journalism definitely shows in the way she constructs her posts- there's so much enthusiasm in each and every one and her bubbly personality definitely shows through!

As being a new blogger, I'm constantly looking for hints and tips to better my blogging game. So obviously it got even better when I noticed Kayleigh shared her top five blogging don'ts- a helpful, inspiring post for any other small bloggers out there!

If you're anything like me and can always appreciate a good aesthetic, make sure to go and check out both Kayleigh's blog and instagram feed. I promise you wont regret it!

Have you come across Couture Girl before?
Cloe xox

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