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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What 2016 Has Taught Me So Far

I'm not even joking, 2016 has been a crazy year so far for me and it's taught me a hell of a lot. I feel like I've grown so much as a person this year, and I'm starting to figure out what I will and will not stand for in life. Since we're already half way through the year (I know, fucking what?! I thought it was Christmas 2015 yesterday) I thought I'd share with you some of the shit that 2016 has thrown my way and what I've learnt from it. Enjoy!

You need to be selfish and put yourself first sometimes.
You probably don't know, but me and my boyfriend of 3 years split up a few months ago, and I was the one who ended it. I'd spent a while knowing that I didn't want to continue with the relationship just for the simple fact that feelings change and a long distance relationship is hard, especially at our age. However, I could never bring myself to end it due to knowing it would upset him. After a while I realised that I was making myself unhappy and at the end of the day I couldn't go through god knows how long the same way, so I was selfish and put my feelings first. Of course he was upset, but it's ended up much better than I expected because we are still civil towards each other and really good friends. (Plus he reads my blog so obviously I wouldn't post this to backstab or hurt him in any way, hey George! Hahah)

Noone cares about what you're doing/want to do with your life.
After creating my blog, I was sooooo scared to publish it onto my social medias and for people to find out. I thought people would have judged me for starting my blog and that they would have found it weird and start speaking shit. The reality? Noone gives a flying fuck! I know so many people who know me read my blog (hiya) and literally noones said a bad word about it (except someone irrelevant in my life, hey boo). I think we're always so caught up in what others think about us that we're so afraid to do half the things we want to. But I'm here to tell you, you do you, because everyone else is too busy with their own life.

Sometimes you may think you like someone but in reality you could just be craving attention and company.
Pretty self explanatory.

I've finally found my passion.
When I published my first blog post, I never thought that 6 months on I would still be doing it on a regular basis. I absolutely adore blogging, I've never had a passion for something like I do for this! Taking photos, speaking my mind and interacting with so many different people who are like me is bloody amazing. Setting up this blog is the best choice I've made this year and I can't wait to see how it grows and develops over the next however long I do it for!

What has  2016 taught you so far?
Cloe xox

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