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Friday, July 22, 2016

10 Drunk Moments

IT'S FINALLY THE WEEKEND, WOOOOO! I think it's no surprise that I'm partial to a few vodka cokes every now and then... fun fact I'm actually going out tonight so I rest my case. But like every other immature 18 year old girl in the world, I've made some regretful, embarrassing and also very funny memories while drunk. So what better way to reminisce than to post them all over the internet for others to judge me on, woo!

1. Falling Down The Stairs
I think this is the oldest memory I have of me being a total clumsy idiot. During a house party, for some reason my friends found me at the top of the stairs by myself in the dark, eating pizza (#goals, am I right). But when I went to go and rejoin the party (after finishing my pizza, obvs) I somehow managed to full force fling myself down the stairs. I blame the heels and long dress I was wearing, but whatever, that's debatable...

2. Puke, Puke, Puke
I know my limits now, but I think that's down to the memory of two of my ex-boyfriends mates looking after me while I threw up in a bush scarred in my brain forever.

3. My Top Broke
Dancing a little too hard... enough said.

4. Dancing on the DJ podium and nearly falling off every 10 seconds
Probably one of the best memories from my most recent holidays... ha. Basically infront of the DJ podium in a club in Barcelona there was this tiny podium which hardly anyone could fit on but me, my friends and some other randomers managed to squeeze onto it. I was on the edge and it was pretty high up, so me again being a clumsy idiot nearly slipped and fell to my death a countless number of times- something which also resulted in the security guards to the DJ booth kicking everyone apart from me and my friend for some reason off the podium. They clearly loved my sick dancing skills... or just enjoyed laughing at me. Probably the latter. 

Can you spot me?

5. Crying Too Much
I've lost my phone... cry.
So and so doesn't like me... cry.
My feet hurt... cry.
I've just had an argument with -... cry.
That dog is so cute... cry.

6. Deep Chats In The Bathroom With People You Don't Know
Girls are the bitchiest human beings on planet Earth. But put them in a club bathroom and they're the nicest people you'll ever meet. I go in to use the toilet, come out with a new best friend who knows everything about me and my life.

7. Fell Over The Music Speakers And Broke Them
So, probably one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. At a house party while speaking to a bunch of people, while walking away backwards before turning away I managed to fall flat on my face over the music speakers... and break them... The party was a little quiet after that, oops.

8. Making Small Talk With People Who Buy You Drinks
Just the other week me and my friend went into town for a spontaneous dinner. However, that dinner ended up as us pretending we knew everything about football just for a few free drinks, but hey you can't say no to saving money!

9. Running Into A Pool In My Bra And Knickers.. While It Was Lightening
I'm not the classiest, or cleverest of girls.

10. Drunk Texting Someone Knowing I Could Use The "Sorry, I Was Drunk" Excuse The Next Morning
Works every time!

What's your funniest or most embarrassing drunk memory?
Cloe xox

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way promoting binge drinking or getting drunk at a young age. I am sharing my experience for entertainment purposes and so others don't make the stupid mistakes that I made!


  1. Funniest drunk memory: Never have I ever in Barcelona OR dancing at the last day party and watching everyone slut drop.

  2. Funniest drunk memory: Never have I ever in Barcelona OR dancing at the last day party and watching everyone slut drop.


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