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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Why Aren't I Studying Fashion In University?

A lot of people have asked me why, if I want to work in fashion so badly, aren't I studying fashion at university? I mean I'm going to Manchester Metropolitan- one of the best universities in the UK for fashion with its own fashion faculty...Wouldn't it make sense to do a fashion course?

In my opinion, no.

I've known I've wanted to work in fashion for a very long time, I don't know what it is about fashion, but I'd absolutely love to travel around the world studying catwalk trends, other countries fashion tastes, or buying outfits for well-known retailers. But what if in 5/10 years time I don't want to do that at all? I'll be stuck with a very focused degree which limits my job opportunities.

So that's why I decided to take a business course. Advertising and Brand Management will still allow me to enter the fashion industry for what I want to do and will also allow me to get into a postgraduate fashion buying course if I still want to pursue that career at the end of my 4 year degree. I also have a passion for learning about business too- so it's a bit of a no brainer that I'm going to do a business related course in university.

So yeah, that's why I'm not studying fashion in university :)

What do you want to/are you studying in university?
Cloe xox

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