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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Q&A With My Best Friend!

Since I started my blog and YouTube channel earlier this year (which the majority of the videos have been deleted because I couldn't stand hearing my cringey voice), my best friend of two years, Olivia, has made an appearance around 3 times. But that definitely isn't enough so today I thought I'd do a little Q&A/best friend tag since she's stood by me and supported me A LOT with my little spaces on the internet!

What was your first impressions of each other? Olivia: When I first met Chloe I was at first really intimidated by her. She was really pretty and so cool and confident and I remember attempting to complement her and absolutely failed and then thought that she would never like me because she thought I insulted her... 
Me: I was actually so excited to meet Olivia because she was the "new girl" in our year and our school was soooo small so it was like a godsend when new people came. I remember thinking she was really pretty and I loved her hair but the first thing she said to me was about my shoes being too high because I was wearing heels and I got so defensive... Let's just say we weren't the best of friends at the start hahaha! What’s your favourite memory together? Olivia: Oh my God there are so many I can't pick one! But I have to say the two are:

  1. Making a bed out of pillows because she was to scared to sleep in the spare room after watching a scary movie at mine. 
  2. The time we decided to go to a party and ended up pre-pre drinking and eating so much food but still being the first there!
  • Literally every lunch time at school I'd just eat whatever food Olivia had because she always had the nicest food.
  • Whenever she'd stay at mine and wake up she would literally just throw herself on top of me yelling "I WANT COFFEE!!"
  • Dancing on the podium of the DJ booth in a club in Barcelona when everyone else got kicked off by security (they clearly loved watching us nearly fall to our deaths)

Do you have any nicknames for each other? Olivia: We call each other so many things like "bitch" "bestie" and "princess".
Me: "whatup hoe"

What is something that annoys you about the other person? Olivia: The fact that she knows me so well means that sometimes I don't know what I want and she does, ahaha. 
Me: The fact that she decided to move all the way to Amsterdam for uni and leave me when we could have gone to Newcastle together hunting down Scotty T.

If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
Olivia: I think honestly I would take us back to our schools common room because we have had so many good memories there and even though IB was a bitch I miss our common room moments every day.
Me: Ibiza so we can shake our booties at Ocean Beach.

Favourite inside jokes?
Olivia: Definitely the whole alcoholic best friend thing. Like when I talk about it to other people they just look at me like i'm weird and I think... OMG Chloe would get this. 
Me: The time things got "gassy" in the common room, AHAH & when she said a certain guy I liked looked like the fat rat off the film Ratatouille when he messed me about, hahahahah.

Who takes the longest to get ready in the morning?
Olivia: It depends on the effort made. If it's full effort then Chloe and if it's less effort then me. 
Me: I'd say Olivia takes more time actually getting ready whereas I take a lot of time because I take about a million selfies... #narcissisticritual.

Describe each other in 3 words.
Olivia: Alcholic,crazy,loyal.
Me: Alcoholic, hilarious, kind.

I love you Olivia! X

What's your best friend like?!
Cloe xox

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