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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Things I Wish I'd Known At School

So the week is finally here where everyone goes back to school and Summer is basically declared over (I still have two more weeks off before I start university, just saying...) I remember the buzz everyone used to get during the first few days of school but then the reality that you had be stuck in the same routine and in the same hell hole for the next god knows how many years quickly sunk in. Since I've left school I've had time to think about all the things I wish I'd knew to make my school time more bearable, so I thought I'd share them with you to make your school time more "enjoyable"! I use that word very loosely...

Popularity really isn't a thing. 
Don't deny it, everyone wants to be liked and "popular". Theres always the "popular kids" in school- the ones who everyone wants to be friends with and everything they do seems to be the best thing in the world. But haven't you noticed that the most of the time the ones who are considered "popular" are the ones who surround themselves with gossip and drama? A lot of the time in school this is considered "cool" but deep down we all know those people are the ones everyone secretly hates. We're judged on our company, not just by ourselves, and the most down to earth, nicest people are usually not the popular ones. 

Once you've left school you won't ever speak to the majority of people ever again. 
Once you've left school you'll quickly learn who your friends really were and who just spoke to you because you were there. A lot of friendships don't last after school but that's ok because everyone changes and peoples true colours definitely come out after they've left!

High school relationships aren't everything.
Theres always that one couple in school who everyone adores and thinks they're going to get married, have kids and live happily every after. They're the couple who makes everyone else feel like they're going to die alone if they don't get into a relationship asap. But let's be honest, relationships are unnecessary hassle and most of the time, everyone decides to get involved and stick their nose in. You have the rest of your life to get into a relationship, being single and young is way more fun anyway!

Don't get too stressed over exams. They really aren't everything.
We're taught that exams are literally the biggest deal in the world and if we fail then we may as well just give up on life and accept that we're forever destined for failure. But exams really aren't everything and once you've got your results, you never really think about them again. I know a lot of people who have failed their exams but still got into ALevels, college or uni. I even know people who quit education all together and went to get jobs. Exams really aren't the end of the world, so don't stress about them so much!

Don't be afraid to ask for help! You won't look dumb.
I was one of those people who the teachers alllllllways said "you need to put your hand up more, ask questions and participate more." Partly that was because I was just lazy and partly that was because I was scared that people would think I was stupid. But people really don't care. At the end of the day you're in school for your education, fuck what anyone else thinks!

School may feel like the worst thing in the world right now, but you'll honestly miss it when you're gone.
It wasn't a surprise to anyone that I hated school. I made that very clear when I was there. But honestly make the most of it! Don't take people/friendships for granted because you'll miss them when they're not there everyday. Don't get too caught up in drama and gossip because it's soooo unnecessary! Just take every day as it comes, have a laugh with your mates and don't take everything so seriously!
What do you wish you knew in school?
Cloe xox

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