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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

5 Gym Bag Essentials

Is New Years even New Years without a resolution to get fit and healthy? ... Nope, didn't think so. So if you've decided to join a gym this year (I'm with ya gal!) I've got my top 5 essentials you shouldn't forget to put in your gym bag!

1. Water Bottle
Ok, so let's state the obvious, right? But the amount of times me and my friends have turned up to the gym just to realise we've forgotten our bottles of water is ridiculous. I'd recommend always keeping an empty one in your bag for those just-in-case times, and then try to remember to add a fresh water bottle in there too every time you go.

2. Face Wipes
When you work out you get sweaty and hot which opens up your pores. So an amazing thing to do once you finish your workout is wipe all those impurities away with a face wipe! These can also come in very handy too if you've forgotten to take off your makeup before you work out as you should NEVER work out with makeup on. 

3. Deodorant
Sweat shows you've had a good work out, but no one else appreciates it. Never forget to pack deodorant and quick tip - men's deodorant works better than females, and girls admit it, we all secretly love the smell of mens deodorants...

4. Headphones
How annoying is it when you've made your very own gym playlist for motivation, get to the gym and realise you've forgotten your headphones?! I'd suggest investing in a pair of headphones that you never take out of your gym bag, so you never forget them and have to be stuck listening to the gyms own radio station!

5. Towel 
Going along with point 3, sweat making your clothes stick to you is the most disgusting thing ever, so make sure you bring a towel to sort ourself out! Also many gyms say it is compulsory to bring a towel to wipe down machines after use for hygiene reasons, so don't be caught out as the one making the machines reek!

What are some of your gym essentials? I'd love to know!
Cloe xox

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  1. Awesome tips. I never take face wipes to the gym, but I am going to start taking them. Such a good idea. :)

  2. They're always so handy to have!X


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