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Fall Florals

I can't believe it's Autumn. I mean excuse me, but what did I do with my life over the past 3 months? I can't believe how fast it's gone!  As much as I love almost everything about the colder months, I refuse to let go of Summer just yet. 

Ironically, I live in Manchester - known for it's not-so-beautiful torrential downpours and where the word "sun" does not exist. But floral prints are known for keeping a hint of Summer alive, and are perfect wardrobe transition pieces for going into Autumn. So at least I can pretend it's still warm...

I never go out of my way to incorporate prints into my wardrobe, especially bold prints such as florals. I always play it safe, but when I saw this top in River Island I fell in love and thought I'd try out something new. Paired with my ripped jeans from Boohoo and my heeled boots from Bershka, I'm not really sure what look I was going for, but I found the ripped jeans took away the initial strike of the floral print, as I wasn't quite used to it yet. 

What do you think about floral prints?
Cloe xox

Autumn Athleisure


These past few months have been crazy, from flying in-between France and the UK multiple times, moving into my new house, and travelling here-there-and-everywhere with my boyfriend for festivals and mini-breaks. But now I finally have a few weeks to relax before uni starts... ugh.

I've found my styles changed quite a bit over this Summer to a more laid back look. Since I've been travelling a lot, I've found myself chucking on the comfiest, simplest clothes, and adopting the athleisure trend (which is ironic because the thought of the gym makes me want to comfort eat...) 

You just can't go wrong with a jumpsuit. They're comfortable and fuss-free and can easily be dressed up with some heels. But recently I'm all about flats, in particular my go-to Adidas Superstars. 

I'm in love with my military khaki jumpsuit and was shocked when I found it in Primark. Usually, I'm not a fan of Primark and I can't stand being in there for any more than 10 minutes  otherwise it drives me insane, but I've found they've really upped their game recently in regards to the style and quality of their clothes (but they really need to get rid of those Love Island tops, if you know, you know...)

Jumpsuits will definitely be my go-to for Autumn. They're great for the transition into the colder season, and there are so many different styles to chose from. 

What's going to be your go to outfit for Autumn?
Cloe xox

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Pretty In Pink

It feels so strange writing a blog post after 5 months of not publishing one. Bonjour, hello, hey, do you remember me? Probably not.

This Summer I decided I should try and get into the spirit a bit more, and incorporate some colour into my outfits rather than wearing entirely black like I usually do.

These trousers are something I definitely wouldn't decide to pick up for myself, but after being gifted them I realised I really should try to wear more things i wouldn't usually go for. 

Culottes were EVERYWHERE this Summer. 
Festival? Culottes.
Beach? Culottes.
Eating out? Culottes.
Casual day shopping? Culottes.

I thought I wouldn't fall into the trend as I didn't think they suited me that much, but this high-waisted pair from Zara totally changed my mind.

I absolutely love Zara. Their casual, smart workwear pieces inspired by Spanish trends always make you look put together, and can easily be dressed up or down. I paired these culottes with a simple black crop top and block heels from New Look. I'd also pair this outfit with some simple black ballet pumps or sandals if I wasn't in the mood for heels and wanted a more casual look. 

 What are your opinions on the culotte trend?
Cloe xox

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Favourite Nail Polishes

I own a ridiculous amount of nail polishes. You'd literally never know how many shades of red was possible until you looked at my collection. But despite this I always seem to use the same few nail polishes time and time again and they're my holy grail, go-to colours. Since they're amazing quality for their price too, I thought I'd let you in on the secret and share them with you!

KIKO Nail Lacquer. Shade: 240 (pictured: red)
KIKO Nail Lacquer. Shade: 319 (pictured: brown)
KIKO Nail Lacquer. Shade: 389 (pictured: blue)
Miss Cop Nails Pop. Shade: No1 Rose
Essie Multi Dimension Top Coat. Shade: 285 (pictured)
Avon Colour Trend Nail Top Coat. Shade: Fuchsia Dazzle (pictured)
No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour. Shade: Totally Teal

What are some of your favourite nail polishes?
Cloe xox

Studying Retail Management and Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University

If you read my Why I'm Not Studying Fashion at University post a while back, you'd know that I was in two minds whether to pick a business degree or a fashion degree as my passion and future laid in both areas. One year on and I've finished the first year of my Retail Management and Marketing course... What the heck. 

Last week I did a blog post about Studying International Fashion Promotion, and that got received pretty well. So I thought this time I'd tell you all about my own course. 

What kind of career path do I want to do in the future?
Honestly, I don't even know anymore. When I applied for university I had my heart set on being a fashion buyer. I still want to pursue that to some extent, but now I mainly want to either own my own business or blog full time.

What made me want to study Retail Management and Marketing?
As I explained in my Why I'm Not Studying Fashion in University post, I wanted a course that had both elements of fashion and business. I didn't want to do a course solely focused on fashion just incase my interest changed... and to some extent they have, so good job!

Why did I choose MMU for my course?
I'm not going to lie, I chose my university based on the social life and the accessibility to get back home. It just happened to be a bonus that MMU is one of the best university's in the UK for both its business and fashion faculties.

Is the course mainly exam or coursework based?
My course this year has consisted of 4 modules; Digital Media and Marketing Platforms, Understanding and Managing People, Principles of Marketing, and Principles of Retailing. All of them have different percentages for exams and coursework, but the majority of the course is coursework with Principles of Retailing being 100% coursework.

How many lectures do I have per week?
4 lectures and 4 seminars a week. But I'm only in 3 times a week.

How big are the tutorial classes roughly?
It depends on the module. For the majority of them I'd say there's around 15 students. But for the Principles of Retailing module there's only 9 of us, as there's only 9 students who do the retail course in the first place.

What are some of the assignments I have done?
The assignments are pretty fun (well, as fun as assignments can be...) We've had to create a digital marketing campaign, create a blog, do an essay on why certain retailers have failed, and also do a presentation on why certain fashion brands have internationalised.

What's the best and worst thing about my course?
The best thing is that we're only in 3 times a week, compared to most people who are in for 4 days a week... Also the course is very interesting and the lecturers are lovely.
The worst thing is probably the fact that in the first year you don't get to choose what modules you want to do. This year is mainly modules focused around marketing which are compulsory and only one retail module, whereas next year and my final year after a year in industry (which is also a bonus too), the majority of the modules, if not all, are based on retail.

Would I recommend my course and MMU to others?
I'd definitely recommend the university. It's very lively and everyone is very friendly- especially in your first weeks when you're lost and have to ask 3rd years where the hell you are (fun fact I still don't know my way around the business building, its too confusing). As for the course I'd say it's really down to the individual. It is more business based rather than fashion based, but there are still elements of fashion nonetheless. The course also contains quite a bit of maths, but nothing too extreme!

Are any of you doing/thinking of doing a course similar to mine?
Cloe xox

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